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Creating a D&D Combat Tracker

As a DM, preparing and running combat encounters can be time consuming, challenging and stressful. Shieldmaiden (formerly known as Harmless Key) stream lines combat leaving you with more time to focus on the story you want to tell with an encounter.
Shieldmaiden makes combat a breeze by keeping track of everything a DM needs during combat, from hit points, initiative and AC, to concentration checks, conditions and surprise rounds. Making combat faster, more accurate and hassle-free.

Shieldmaiden is created by two experienced Dungeons & Dragons players from Amsterdam. We were missing an encounter tracker that tended to all our needs, so we decided to build one ourselves.
After some positive feedback from our fellow D&D players, we decided to share it with the public in February 2019.
Since then we've been improving and expending a lot and this is still going on.

We hope you get as much use out of Shieldmaiden as we do.

Meet the team

Harm Manders

Level 32

Ability Scores

  • Assembly 10
  • CSS 18
  • JS 15
  • PHP 12
  • Python 19
  • R 11


  • Bug creation +5
  • Bug fixing +2
Key Roos

Level 37

Ability Scores

  • Assembly 9
  • CSS 19
  • JS 18
  • PHP 14
  • Python 10
  • R 11


  • Complaining +8
  • Guitar +1
  • Drinking +4
  • Sleeping -2

Patrick Teunissen

For designing our logo!

Patrick was nice enough to lend us his time and design the awesome logo for us.
We couldn't be happier!