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D&D Monster Creator

With our monster creator you can create stat blocks for custom monsters that you can use in our combat tracker.


Advanced actions that can be rolled with one click can easily be created for a monster.
Different types of damage can be added as separate rolls and this allows us to apply different damage types separately.

If you click the button below, you roll the action from image. The example roll is a versatile action, which means it can be rolled in 2 ways. In this case you can either perform the attack 1-handed or 2-handed. The damage rolls will be slightly different for both options.
Since this example is a weapon attack, it can be rolled with Advantage or Disadvantage. When clicking on the option you want to roll, hold [shift] to roll with advantage or hold [ctrl] to roll with disadvantage.

It is very simple to create actions like these yourself, just fill in a few form fields in the monster creator.

Resistances and Vulnerabilities

You can define what types of damage the monster is vulnerable, resistant or immune to.
When you apply damage to the monster in our combat tracker, the amount is automatically adjusted based on these resistances. When you apply 5 cold damage to a monster that is vulnerable to this damage type, the damage is doubled, resulting in 10 frost damage.


In combination with our spell creator you can create powerful spellcasters that are easy to use in our combat tracker. Unleashing magic users on your party can be a pain for you as a DM, but with our combined tools that is no longer the case. Spell slots are tracked for you and casting a spell is as simple as using any other monster action in Shieldmaiden.

Share your creations

Our monster creator also makes it easy to share your custom monsters with other dungeon masters. You can save your monsters to your library if you have an account, export them to share with others, or import monsters created by other Shieldmaiden users.
If you're a content creator you can provide your followers with monsters that they can directly use in Shieldmaiden.

To save a monster, you need an account, but you can always download your creations.