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Spell Creator for D&D 5e

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D&D Spell Creator

Our spell creator lets you create custom spells with actions that can be rolled with one click.


The actions of your spell change depending on caster level, or at what level the spell is casted. Rolls will automatically scale when you cast the spell with a higher lever character, or using a higher spell slot.

Spellcasting monsters

You can combine your custom spells with the monsters you've made in Shieldmaiden to create powerful spellcasters that are easy to use in our combat tracker.

Share your creations

Our spell creator also makes it easy to share your custom spells with other dungeon masters and players. You can save your spells to your library if you have an account, export them to share with others, or import spells created by other Shieldmaiden users.
If you're a content creator you can provide your followers with spells that they can directly use in Shieldmaiden.